IRWT photosession#3

A TUTTI I ROCKERS,BANDS,AFICIONADOS Y PIRATAS,la conferma della ‘InRockWeTrust photosession#3’ del 9/10/11 dicembre,viene messa in standby fino a domani 3 dicembre per probabili problemi estranei alla nostra volontà.Conferme o disdette verranno date domani 3/12 in mattinata.Sorry.
In Rock We Trust \m/
TO ALL ROCKERS,BANDS,AMIGOS Y PIRATAS,the confirmation of the ‘InRockWeTrust photosession#3 scheduled 9/10/11 dicember,it is now on stanby till tomorrow december 3rd for probable problems not due to our responsability.Final confirmation or delay is for tomorrow december 3rd in the morning.Sorry for any inconvinience.
In Rock We Trust \m/

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